Submission Guidelines:

IMPORTANT: PLEASE READ. Submissions which do not meet these guidelines will not be accepted for publication.

There is no excuse for censorship!
  1. You must formally submit your work to me for publication specifically in the VOiCE (i.e. telling me to check out your poetry on your website does not mean that you've submitted your work for publication in the VOiCE.)
  2. Submissions should be typed or neatly written, and completely free of (accidental) spelling, grammatical, and punctuation errors. Purposeful errors should be marked in some way so that there is no confusion about what is what.
  3. If I can't read your name, I can't print your submission. All submissions should have legible real names included with the submission. You may be published under a pen name or as "anonymous", but I still must have your real name with the submission, for reasons of ownership, copyright, and plagiarism.
  4. Please submit no more than three items for submission in any 30 day period.
  5. If your submission is published, I'll send you a free copy of that issue of the VOiCE, if you've given me your snail-mail address. If you move, make sure you update your information in my database...
  6. All submissions are considered equally, with (some) preference given to people who have not yet been published in the VOiCE.
  7. I accept submissions of all kinds, including, but not limited to: poems, short stories, articles, essays, drawings, doodles, artwork, paintings, photography, speeches, reviews, cartoons, weather forcasts, recollections under hypnosis, and psychic readings. Feel free to offend anyone on any topic of your choice, including, but not limited to: erotica, love, science fiction, non-fiction, mysteries, connect-the-dots, confessions during torture, roadkill, gothic, punk, industrial, music, whatever, and whatever already! Did I leave something out? Then submit it! So please don't be scared, and don't be shy. The VOiCE is here for you to express your VOiCE.
  8. Please only submit your own work, except wherein the owner of the work has given you explicit permission to submit their work to the VOiCE for publication. Thank you for observing this right of the owners of their works. Plagiarism is punishable by death, subject to harrassment by the editor, blacklisting, boycotting, hate-mail, stalking, fire bombing, nuclear bombardment, flaying, crucifixion, burning at the stake, decapitation, electrocution, lethal injection, impalement, poisoned, and other assorted unpleasantries too explicit to name. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED...

Submission Methods:
in order of preference

via Submission form

This is my favorite method, because it formats your personal information for me nicely, so that I can easily enter it into my database. And I don't have to type your out your submission, or attempt to read your handwriting... I can just cut and paste.

via E-Mail

I don't like this method as much because people tend to forget to send me (all or part of) their address, or they tag it on to the end of their message so it's hard to find. If you'd like, you have the option of sending me PGP-encrypted mail, as well.

via FTP

You should really only use this method to send me graphic art files (i.e. Jpeg, GIF, etc..) or specially formatted documents (like a Word/WordPerfect file or Postscript file, etc...). It's important that you also send me e-mail informing me of your submission, because I do not normally check my 'incoming' directory.

via snail mail

I love to get snail-mail. Though I'd prefer to get your submissions electronically, so I won't have to type it all out. I do respond to snail mail (as time allows), if you've included a SASE (self-addressed stamped envelope). I don't really consider myself a judge of poetry, so please don't ask me to critique your work. If you really want opinions on your poetry, please post your work in the Poetry Forum.

Mail submissions to:
VOiCE c/o Jason Cox
1434 Via Terrassa
Encinitas, CA

If you're uncomfortable with the idea of sending your poetry over the Internet you can use my PGP public key to send me e-mail securely.

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