VOiCE News & Updates

9.18.00 Down with RealAudio! Long live MP3! All the RealAudio files on this site have been replaced with MP3 files. MP3 is not based on a proprietary standard, so you do not need to download a proprietary player to listen to it; you will not get harrassed via email to upgrade to the newest version every 6 weeks; and MP3 sounds better.
9.12.00 I've just begun assembling the next VOiCE issue (#37), and hope to have it finished before the end of the month.
8.7.00 I finally added a Preview capability to the Poetry Submission form. So now you can see what your submission is going to look like before you actually send it.
7.31.00 I'm resculpting the main pages, and going with more vibrant solid color backgrounds instead of using textures. I've also begun adding pictures from the Camping Trip to the Trip Page.
7.30.00 I'm back from the VOiCE Camping Trip, and I am both exhausted and rejuventated from it all. Soon there will be a page up with all kinds of pictures and stories from the trip.
7.15.00 The new issue of VOiCE has been finished, you can check out a preview, while you're waiting for your VOiCE to arrive. Not getting one? Then subscribe!
7.11.00 The next issue of the VOiCE is all but complete. In the next couple days, the Preview page will be updated with the upcoming issue. I am in the process of revamping the Poetry section of the site. it's been a while since that areas had some retooling. The new VOiCE Trip is coming up soon, if you're interested, let me know!
7.1.00 Restarted the Interactive Story page with another story, the beginning of which was my dream last night. I'm not too fond of the title, so if anyone has any better ideas, please let me know...
6.30.00 I created a new page for this year's VOiCE Camping Trip. It's going to be in western Massachusetts, and all are welcome to come!
6.8.00 Finally my email is working again! SO please resend any messages you may have sent to me within the last week. I think I have just about everything working except for the on-line submission program... That will be working sometime this weekend, and then I can get back to work on the VOiCE... This is the longest time this site has been down in the three years we've been here. Sorry for all the trouble. I only wish it was all my fault, so I could've done something faster...
6.6.00 I've gotten much up, the forums, the submenus, most of the HTML... But there are still some things left to fix... including my email (I haven't been getting any for the last two days).
6.5.00 BAD NEWS: I just got royally f*cked by my web host provider. The entire VOiCEmag.net web site was deleted. I have backups of all the HTML files and images, but all the messages in the forums and a great deal else is gone. It will take me several days to get everything working again. So please bear with me.
3.24.00 I just added another review to the Media Page written by Keeley Brooks of a Patricia McKillip novel.
3.23.00 I finally put together my designs for the new VOiCE T-Shirt. You can vote on which design you like the most (or dislike least). The one with the most votes wins.
3.21.00 My feelings are that in trying to keep everything nice and consistent, I've made the main page very very boring... So I'm doing a little redesign for aesthetic purposes.
3.6.00 Not sure why I didn't think of it before, but anyway, the VOiCE Store now offers you the ability to purchase VOiCE subscriptions on-line, as well.
2.28.00 I've redone the submission procedure a bit, as well as modified the form. I'm attempting to set up a system where a small staff of people can help me review poetry on-line. This should allow me to look through the submissions more quickly, as well as let you know within a few months (instead of a few years) whether you're getting published in the VOiCE.
2.25.00 The new VOiCE is finally finished! I should have all the VOiCEs printed and mailed before the end of the weekend. In the meantime, check out this preview.
2.22.00 I merged all four rooms in the Art Gallery containing my art into one. This will allow me to open more rooms with other people's art.
2.17.00 Fixed some links in three of the the Art Galleries that only appeared broken in Netscape Browsers.
2.10.00 I wrote, from scratch, a brand new Interactive Storytelling script, which allows for unlimited branching and a simpler, more streamlined design. I also started it off with a fragment of an old story of mine. Hopefully it inspires a great story to come!
2.5.00 Added Frommy's new chapbook to the list of items I'm selling in the VOiCE Store. Go check it out!
2.4.00 Don't ask me why, but it's taken me almost 6 months to finish the page for the VOiCE Camping Trip. But everything has been revamped, the journal is finished, and all the pictures have been added. I hope you enjoy it. I also added the next part of the Help Page.
2.3.00 Added a new piece by Robert Paul Reyes to the Opinion page.
2.1.00 Doing some redesigning of the forums... And diligently working towards finishing the new VOiCE.
1.1.00 Happy New Year! Ooops! The forum had a Y2K bug. I was able to fix it quickly.
12.25.99 Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, blah, blah, blah... Enjoy yourself, but go easy on the eggnog.
12.4.99 The VOiCE Store is finally on-line! Feel free to purchase back issues or music on-line using your favorite credit card. More items and music will be available soon. I also merged the "Issues" page into the "Info" page... So look there instead.
12.2.99 Working on the Help Page. Those who are interested in helping the VOiCE grow and become a better publication should read this.
12.1.99 Hey, I've finally upgraded my computer to a speed demon! I've also put a new poem on my Poetry Page, so give a listen.
11.30.99 Added a new article to the Opinion Page... on a subject that is a favorite of mine. Restructured the Media Reviews Page, and finally added the review for Luke Holder's latest album.
11.13.99 Added another room to the Art Gallery to feature the work of Masha Lifshin.
11.5.99 Cleaned up the look of my personal page, and added some more Real Audio samples from my latest album, "Cloud 99".
10.19.99 Added some new art to the Unpublished VOiCE Art page. More new art is on the way.
10.10.99 Switched to a new Mailing List program. I was having all kinds of trouble with the one I'd been using. So hopefully this will fix things.
10.7.99 The new VOiCE is finished! Woo-hoo!! I will be picking it up from the printer this evening. I will have the Preview Page updated tomorrow with the new issue for you to peruse while I'm busy folding, stapling and mailing.
10.2.99 Adding a little color here, and a little color there. Reworked the color scheme of the forums. Shaking things up a bit. This weekend is my locking the doors, taking the phone off the hook, getting a two-liter of Mt. Dew and a bag of Doritos, and not coming out until the VOiCE is finished weekend. So go outside and play for me.
9.10.99 Added the summary for issue #19 to the History page. Added another entry to the Camping Trip page... not much farther to go now!
8.29.99 I added a new review to the Media page. In the works are six album reviews and one book review.
8.27.99 Gave the main page a bit of a face lift, as well as a bit of a trim. With all the submenus and the control frame, the main menu list seemed kind of redundant. This weekend I will be working like a dog putting the new VOiCE together.
8.9.99 Put up the first images from the Camping Trip. Much more will be coming soon. Also added another write-up to the Back Issues page.
8.6.99 Added a feature to the Community Links page, so that you can tell which categories have new links in them.
8.3.99 I'm finally back from the camping trip! A page with all kinds of journals and images from the trip will be coming soon. Also doing a little spring cleaning of the Art Gallery, changing some stuff, adding some stuff, etc..
7.25.99 Made some slight modifications to the forum interface, as well as a more superficial makeover.
7.21.99 Made the title page random banners a little bigger and updated the graphics while I was at it. I also changed the background image of the forums.
7.19.99 This year's VOiCE Camping Trip is coming up fast. We've compiled this page to give you all the details. So let us know if you're thinking about coming!
7.16.99 Ah, I've finally coded this fun little program that will allow me to put the latest "what's new" news on the main page.
7.12.99 I just re-added the Community Links page... Sorry that it's been down for awhile, but I just haevn't had time to do anything with it... Hopefully this will work a little better.
6.26.99 The preview of the new VOiCE is now on-line!
6.25.99 Ah, finally, the new VOiCE is finished... I only need to do a proof and then a preview will up on the website while I start folding, stapling, and mailing... I hope to have everything in the mail by Monday.
6.17.99 I've been running the new forum software for a week now, implementing suggestions, making improvements, tailoring, and improving the basic code all over the place. Within the next week, I expect to take down the old forum, and completely replace it with the new one. The new VOiCE is almost done... I hope to have a preview of the new issue up on the website before this week's VOiCE chat session.
6.10.99 I've finally found a piece of forum software that I think is worthy enough to replace the current software. Now while I realize there is the sentiment of "if it ain't broke..." But the truth of the matter is, I've hacked and patched, crosswired, jimmy-rigged the current forum software to the point where I can't push it to do more, and I want it to do more.
5.2.99 Keeley requested I put up an audio recording of my poem "The Lost River", so there's something new for you to listen to on my poetry page. I'm also going through some of my old files and looking for more 'items' to put up in the Opinion section...

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